Broken Bottle Bout
The Broken Glass project aims to find a solution for glass waste in Montana. It is led by the Enactus team of students at Rocky Mountain College. Enactus brings students together to make a positive impact in the world through entrepreneurial action. With this competition, we would like to bring awareness to the problem of glass waste in Montana, and provide an opportunity for the community to offer their ideas for a better solution through the power of art.

SCRaP Makerspace
Important Dates
December 1st Official contest opening announcement.
February 2nd Promote art contest at the Art Walk.
February 28th Applications due with high resolution images.
March 12th Jury announcement of selected art pieces.
March 26th Art shipped or delivered to arrive at SCRaP on or before this date.
April 9th Winners announced.
Spring 2018 Exhibit of winners (date to be announced).
Art Walk display of semi-finalists and winners (date to be announced).
Art pieces returned or shipped to owners (date to be announced).

  • Best solution ($1,500): Any submission that demonstrates an alternative use for disposed glass that can be reliably produced and sold.
  • Professional ($1,500) Any piece developed by a professional artist is eligible for this prize.
  • Amateur ($750) Any piece developed by an amateur artist is eligible for this prize.
  • Best student submission ($750): Any student enrolled in a high school or undergraduate college is eligible for this for this prize.
  • The final product must be composed of at least 25% repurposed / disposed glass.
  • All applications along with pictures of each submitted art piece must be emailed to by February 28th.
  • The final product of the selected art pieces must be delivered to SCRaP by March 19th.
  • The art must be original (designed and made by the artist submitting it).
  • Participants must be 16 years or older.
  • Art must be a physical object that can be displayed in an exhibit.
  • Submitted pieces must be ready to be displayed and include all hardware necessary for the exhibit.
  • It is up to the artist submitting their work to determine if they will submit their work for amateur or professional categories.
  • Only one category allowed for each submission, except for “Best solution.” Anyone may enter the “Best solution” category as well as one of the other three categories.
  • Artist must decide if their submitted pieces are for sale and at what price. There will be a 20% commission fee by SCRaP. Pieces not for sale must have a declared dollar value as determined by the artist, strictly for the purpose of insurance.
Application Process

  • The application form must be submitted along with 2 to 4 pictures of each artwork or product.
  • Submitted pictures must be in .jpg or .png format and be no more than 20 MB per picture, and no larger than 3500px x 3500px.
  • The pictures submitted along with the application must accurately represent the art piece.
  • The application and pictures must be submitted through the website submission form, physical mail will not be accepted.
SCRaP Makerspace

The SCRaP makerspace in Billings is available free of charge for artists that want to use this space. Glass bottles, crushed glass, and tools are available at SCRaP for creating the art piece. SCRaP is located near downtown Billings at 7 N 18th St, Billings, MT 59101.

Additional Questions

For any additional questions, you can reach out to us through our contact page or our email at